Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It's been a while since I've posted but I'm back!

I recently took part in a Fashion and Photography summer school at UCA Rochester and had to post about it. Myself and 30 other girls spent a week living on campus at the university and where given the oppurtunity to experience the many benefits of the fashion and photography courses. The summer school aim was 'Designing for the Catwalk' in which we had to bring items from lampshades to paddling pools to old towels to curtains to create an outfit fit for the catwalk. By no means was this an easy task but we persevered! With the guidance of our lectururers and graduates we created an inventive collection that varied in shape and size.

amazing textile made from silk fibres

the initial stages of my creation...

our crazy lovely mentors!

Much to my dismay, we were told that we had to model our own creations for the catwalk and for the photoshoot. At the mo i don't have any images to show you of the photoshoot but they should be sent to me by the beginning of September